Frequently Asked Questions

Client centric approach

What is the code of communication with office clients?
In our office we believe in direct and continuous communication with the customer. Given the nature and importance of the projects we perform, proper communication and building a trusting relationship between an architect and a client are absolutely essential. Clients are always aware of all the processes required until the project is licensed and after the construction process explaining all technical issues.
What type of projects do you do?
Our office is able to design any work assigned to it, from small-scale residential projects to larger residential, commercial and sports complexes. Our expert team is highly trained and ready to handle any kind of project, regardless of the scale or size of the budget.
How often do you visit the site as work is being done?
According to the law supervision during the construction period is mandatory. Site supervision is conducted on a very regular basis, not less than once a week, and formal site meetings are held at least once a month.

Construction process

Who is entitled to a reduced VAT rate?
As from the 1st of October 2011, a reduced rate of 5% can be imposed on construction of a dwelling in Cyprus, as long as the dwelling is used as the principal and permanent residence in the Republic by the beneficiary. The reduced VAT rate of 5% applies on the first 200 square meters of the buildable area of the dwelling. In case of large families (minimum of four children) the total area of the dwelling is enhanced by 15 square meters per each additional child (over three children). On the approval of the relevant application submitted to the Tax Department an appropriate certificate is issued. Click here for the link.
What kind of structure construction is preferred in Cyprus?
The way in which the static part of a structure is resolved depends entirely on the nature of the project and the architectural design. The two main constructions methods in Cyprus for which the know-how has been developed are reinforced concrete structures and steel structures. Any choice arises after discussing with the customer and understanding the needs.
Do you work with interior designers?
Our office has its own interior design department which can perform all the necessary studies and present a complete interior design proposal to the client. In addition, if the client wishes to cooperate with any other interior design agency we can cooperate without any difficulty.